Business Mediation

Where conflict situations in the organisational, personnel or business sector cause problems, a neutral intermediary can help to find the best possible solutions even for deadlocked problems. Through competent analysis and focus on the underlying interests productive new action possibilities and multifaceted fields of application arise.

  • Solution of team-, organisational- and business- conflict.
  • Conflict solution during company take-overs, mergers and successor difficulties.
  • Intermediation of mobbing problems at place of employment.


Procedure of a business mediation:

Both parties describe their conflicting perspectives. The mediatior maintains a neutral atmosphere, structures discussions and investigates the problem(s) until both points of view have been clearly expressed. As a result of this discussion, all issues to be discussed are agreed upon. The mediator guides both parties to a common solution and supports the development of different steps, which are both acceptable and tolerable for all involved to overcome the conflict.


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